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Pearl Girl XO Vermeer
Pearl Girl
Miss Lisa in Napa
When Miss Yayoi dreamt of Miss Lisa
Mister Dot Man - Ode to Vermeer
XO Magritte Mister Dot Man
Blue Sky Venus Detail
Miss Lisa went shopping
"Miss Lisa went shopping"
XO Botticelli over Sofa
Mister Dot Man - close up
Miss Lisa went shopping




This series of my "Cross Stitched masterpieces" pays homage to some of my favorite old masters.  There is the "Pearl Girl" - she has the color essence of the Vermeer original - with a textured and almost leathery background. Magritte's "Mister Dot Man" shows beauty and abstract elegance in 180 cicles or the Bowler Hat man with apple - it all depends on how you see it... My "Venus Twins" -  XO Botticelli show how my reductions work with close and true coloring. And then there is "Miss Lisa Went Shopping" inspired by the unsurpassed "LDV" - all branded and pretty. You will find the original background landscape recreated with the help of Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Missoni, Lacoste, Valentino and Gucci patterns.

The bottom line? I have fun working with as little visual information and as much abstraction as I can get away with while you can still clearly make out the masterpiece reference. My contemporary take on museum classics.

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